I teach in the Department of English, Linguistics and Communication at the University of Mary Washington where my official disciplinary specialty is “New Media.” In this capacity, I teach a wide variety of courses at all levels, focusing on different forms of digital media including video games, electronic literature, and comics.

In each course, I encourage students to embrace expirementation and exploration — often, the material I present is new or unfamiliar to students, or it becomes defamiliarized through the course of a semester.

Ever since my experiences in graduate school at the University of Florida, one recurring and evoloving feature of my teaching has been the course website. From flat HTML sites to Drupal to Wordpress, I’ve found that a persisent and reliable digital presence for a course can be a convenient resource for students as well as a way to build community.

Under the the headings below, I provide a brief general description of each course as well as links to the relevant course websites.

FSEM 100E3: A Videogame Canon

This course is a first-year seminar in videogame studies where students explore the cultural meaning of videogames. Students explore videogame history and contemporary debates in game studies and identify games worthy of archival attention. The outcome of the seminary is a set of online exhibits documenting historically significant games.

ENGL 202H: Writing through Media

ENGL 386: The Graphic Novel

ENGL 251Y: Adaptation

ENGL 376VV: Electronic Literature

ENGL 457S: Code(s), Culture and the Postmodern

ENGL (359): Transmedia Storytelling

Past courses

ENGL 251A: Forms of Narrative

ENGL 251J: Electronic Literature*

LIT 3003: Archaeologies of Story* (UFL)

ENG 1131: Writing the Labyrinth* (UFL)

ENC 1101: Expository and Argumentative Writing (UFL)

ENC 2210: Technical Writing (UFL)