16 Jan

Alternate Reality Games, Transmedia Textuality, and the Immaterial Archive

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I recently traveled to the 2011 MLA Convention where I gave a presentation on some of my recent thinking on ARGs and the textual study thereof. Really, this presentation was the sequel to a blog entry that was to be the first in a series. I ran into some trouble with the software I wanted to discuss in step 2, but now that that software is working (Omeka’s Zotero Importer plugin), I’ve been able to experiment enough with it that I can offer some preliminary ideas about its use.

The text below is the presentation pretty much as I gave it. Looking over it again, I think I missed a few opportunities to go a bit more theoretical, and some of my finer points that could have been a paragraph are relegated to a pithy turn of phrase that may not have been as clever as I thought at the time I wrote it.

Still, I think it did go pretty well as far as getting my major points across, and it fit in nicely with my co-panelists Rita Raley and John Walsh.

Going forward, I think there could be potential for some kind of description framework or archival ontology for transmedia artifacts. I need to learn more about RDF, but I really think there’s some potential there, alongside a broader preservation effort along the lines of Preserving Virtual Worlds..

In any case, here’s the presentation, for what it is. I certainly welcome any comments or questions.

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